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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interesting Facts

Since Holland has already qualified for the next round. Let's take a break and read some interesting facts.It's not about football. Here are the facts that i like to share

Hitler, Porsche and Beetle
Probably the most popular car in the world, Beetle had fascinating past. It was proposed by Adolf Hitler to make peoples car that can fit 5 people and deliver speed of 100km/h later known as "Volks-Wagen" ("Peoples Car"). Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche.

Hydrogen Cars
Cars today put out a lot of pollution, and use up fossil fuels.Predictions are that hydrogen cars with combination of solar and electricity source,are the future of transportation.Using small device, hydrogen can be easily and cleanly extracted from water and power family car for up to 150 kilometers.

Kitchen forks have been endlessly evolving for the past millenium or so. But a historical background check will put its origins somewhere in Greek. It was around the 7th century that royal courts in the Middle Eastern Muslim world started to use the fork on dining table.

Printers Spy on You
Printer manufacturers print invisible yellow dots on consumer's prints that check to see if a person is printing counterfeit money.

Invention of Zero
Zero was invented in India by Indian mathematicians dating as early as 5th century. They widely used it in calculations,astronomy and astrology. Zero was spread by Arabians to the Europe and there on it was spread all over.

Elephants are well known for their intelligence and caring for each other. Elephants cry and laugh and they are the largest animals that live on land.Elephants live long, between 60-70 years. Elephant's musk has more than 100,000 muscle units and elephnat poops around 80 pounds a day .

Lion and Tiger = Liger
What happens when a male lion and a female tiger breed? A Liger-the largest of all felines.A liger looks like a giant lion with diffused stripes.The largest liger alive today is appropriately named Hercules and lives in Jungle Island in Miami.

These are some interesting facts other than the football facts that we read for the last two months. But if you guys still insist on football facts, here you go.

The team that has qualified for the knock-out stage even before the final group game.

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