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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup 2010 Top Goalkeepers

 Top 5 Goalkeepers to save the game.

It indeed is true that a team can’t give steady match winning performances with a good goalkeeper. It is generally misconceived that defenders are the last line of defence but in fact the goalkeeper is. He is the last saviour for a team and can save the team from all kinds of troubles.

Here are 5 goalkeepers that will be worth keeping an eye on and will prove to be the 11th hour Samaritans for their team.

No. 1 Iker Casillas (Spain)

No need to tell you about his achievements, you would have heard some to amaze you already. He has triumphed with IFFHS’s World’s Best Goalkeeper award for the past two years and has been a promised talent since his birth.

He has been the centre of attention between the goal posts of Real Madrid since he was 16 years old and is the youngest goalkeeper to play in a Champions League final at the age of 19 when he produced a clean sheet beating Valencia 3-0.

He became the Spanish star in 2002 when the original Number One Santiago Canizares got injured. Since then he hasn’t left the spotlight.


No. 2: Julio Cesar (Brazil)

Julio Cesar is set on a mission. The mission is to prove that Brazil has just as good goalkeepers as footballers.

The 30-year pro is known for his swiftness and has helped his club Inter Milan get the Champions League title. Since his comeback in 2007 he is regarded as one of the best keepers and has stolen an eye of the Brazilian coach Dunga to attain the keeping spot for the team.

No. 3: Gigi Buffon (Italy)

The Italian maestro has been riddled with injuries this season and will be hoping to make his comeback in the World Cup. He will also have the chance to achieve 100 appearances for Italy.

His 2001 $46 million transfer from Parma to Juventus has been the highest price ever paid in a contract of a goalkeeper.

No. 4: Pepe Reina (Spain)
Pepe Reina would have been well into any team’s Number One spot for goalkeeping but not Spain as they already have Iker Casillas.

The Liverpool keeper has had a dismissal season with his team but still looks brightly towards the World Cup, hoping to have cherishing memories.

No. 5: Carlos Kameni (Cameroon)

Carlos Kameni is probably the best goalkeeper Africa has yet brought to the global face. He was the youngest footballer to have acquired an Olympic gold medal playing for Cameroon in Sydney in 2000.

The 26 year old nowadays is in Espanyol and is renowned for explosive bursts and sharp reflexives


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